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 "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
Ring Mountain Day School

Ring Mountain Day School's yearly play was set in New York City's Central Park in the 1980s, complete with Wall Street royalty, punk rock fairies, and dancing rats.  The production featured student-made sets, a student rock band, student-composed original music, and the acting skills of students kindergarten through eighth grade.

 "Dirty Laundry"
The Collaboratory at the Exit Theatre

Based on Federico Garcia Lorca's play "Yerma," "Dirty Laundry" is a physically devised original piece that premeired at the Exit Theatre in August 2012.  The piece was wonderfully recieved and a pleasure to make and perform! Check out The Collaboratory's "Dirty Laundry" Website for more information.  

"Nobody's Home" Veteran Workshops
Theatre Temoin and Grafted Cede

In 2011, Theatre Temoin toured their their physically-devised piece to the U.S --  a version of Homer's Odyssey based in a modern story of a soldier's return home.   I was brought on as the organizer and facilitator of workshops linking their group to veterans in the Bay Area.  Together we created true dialogue that resulted in veterans learning theatre skills and theatre professionals making a truthful, ethical, and even more beautiful piece of theatre.


Art Teaching
Art Curriculum
Ring Mountain Day School

As art teacher and curriculum designer for Ring Mountain Day School, I spent five years shaping the kindergarten through eighth grade students into art fanatics!  From artist-inspired works to outdoor observation drawing, and from pottery to set design, the students enjoyed a well-rounded, integrated arts education.


Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>

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