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Erin Maxon is a performer, educator, photographer, and community arts practitioner.  Her speciality is the use of theatre and arts facilitation to create the safest places possible for people to try on different aspects of themselves.   Erin has her Masters in Applied Theatre: Drama in Educational, Community and Social Contexts from the University of London at Goldsmiths, and a BA from UC Berkeley in Anthropology and Theatre and Performance Studies.  She approaches theatre with a strong pull towards ethical and iterative arts practices, and towards creative rather than personal risk. Her aesthetic leanings are towards magical realism, physical adventurousness, and gigantic props. She believes in the role of theatre to be extraordinary, unexpected works of “art”, while still being ethical, purposeful, and communal. Erin’s drama facilitation and community arts work centers around people of all ages and backgrounds, and she is especially experienced with students kindergarten through eighth grade.  She recently moved to New York City, and is hunting for opportunities in education and arts administration. Feel free to peruse the website to find out more.

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